• 2012 Toyota WISH

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Comment Highlights (18)

  • Dec 2021
    Couldnt believe the low fuel consumption of this car.
    —Bruce M - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8X
  • Nov 2021
    The engine power is surprisingly good and can manage big hills.
    —Laura R - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8X Low Kms!
  • Nov 2021
    Awesome family car
    —Kylie T - 2012 Toyota WISH 1.8X
  • Sep 2021
    My Toyota Wish ticks all the boxes for our needs, plenty of seats, space to carry lots of larger items, economical, stylish, and plenty of power.
    —Thomas R - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8
  • Aug 2021
    fuel economy is amazing and despite it only being an 1800 it has more pick up than the 2.4L we traded in - delighted with this vehicle
    —Juliette R - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8A
  • Jul 2021
    Very nice car, good for a family outing, more spacious, easy to drive
    —Priya A - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8S FACELIFT / 7 SEATER
  • Mar 2021
    —Sanjaya S - 2012 Toyota WISH 1.8S
  • Mar 2021
    Pretty good
    —Sean O - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8S Monotone Low km
  • Feb 2021
    a lot of internal space.
    —Brent D - 2012 Toyota WISH 1.8X HID
  • Feb 2021
    Good: Very spacious people mover with the looks of a station wagon. Very smooth engine and gear changes. Very comfortable ride. Front and side air bags for both front and rear passengers. Bad: No air conditioning for back seat passengers. Performs best on unleated 95 which may be costly for some.
    —NICOLAS F - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8S
  • Dec 2020
    Toyota wish very nice car and good fuel economy
    —Joji J - 2012 Toyota Wish G Facelift
  • Nov 2020
    Very nice car to drive, good family car for 5+ family members
    —Jamie B - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8X
  • Sep 2020
    Still early days.But very happy with it.
    —Elizabeth J - 2012 Toyota WISH 1.8X
  • Sep 2020
    1800 cc not perfect for full load.
    —Bhupendra P - 2012 Toyota WISH 1.8X
  • Jun 2020
    Very nice car
    —Tanzeem M - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8S
  • Nov 2019
    Eight airbags - so it’s pretty safe for the kids. Great engine and with the CVT gearbox it is pretty efficient on fuel for the size of car that it is, but when you put it in sport mode it can pass cars easily if you need it to. Good space inside - overall I’m very happy with it.
    —Nigel H - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8S
  • Sep 2019
    The car is great. Handles really well. In good condition. Exactly what I was looking for.
    —James R - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8S
  • Aug 2019
    5 star
    —Daniel M - 2012 Toyota Wish 1.8S


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