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  • Jan 2022
    I think the serena is a realible car for family and business good space and nice to drive
    —MCG CLEANING SERVICES LIMITED - 2012 Nissan Serena HYBRID Highway Star
  • Jan 2022
    Nissan serena in very nice car super cheap of gas and super smooth
    —Joeffrey C - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Dec 2021
    Spacious as expected and smooth drive
    —Ian T - 2012 Nissan Serena X'mas Sale! $1000 Prezzy Card
  • Dec 2021
    I am so happy and so excited with my Serena. The family are so happy especially the kids,lot of room for them. Thanks again to Steve for helping me and my family ☺️☺️
    —Mulivai P - 2012 Nissan Serena Hybrid Highway Star Arriving 1 of December
  • Dec 2021
    I bought this van purely for the space it can provide. Love that the back seats fold up and away. I wish the front back seats could also fold up the only thing I’d change. I’m still very happy. Was within my price range for everything I was looking for!
    —MONTELL H - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Dec 2021
    Fuel economy reliable car lots of space and great family car
    —Timmy P - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Nov 2021
    I have been driving and sleeping in my 2012 Nissan Serena S-hybrid for about 3 weeks now. It is the perfect vehicle for me. The seats in the back can lie flat for a bed, with some storage underneath. All my personal items are in 4 plastic bins in the back. Driving is easy. Petrol consumption is reasonable given that I have driven many hundreds of km's in the time I have had it. It's become my little house on wheels. I love the freedom it is giving me.
    —Diane P - 2012 Nissan Serena Hybird-s
  • Nov 2021
    Awesome Lots of space for everyone Nice to drive Great van
    —Stephen J - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Nov 2021
    Good vehicle
    —Lianne P - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Nov 2021
    Easy to drive and the car is really good for the family and for work as well.
    —Wilson B - 2012 Nissan Serena Hybrid
  • Nov 2021
    Great car lots of options
    —Ritesh N - 2012 Nissan Serena HIGHWAY STAR S-HV
  • Nov 2021
    Loving the extra room and space. It’s drives very well.
    —Shaun K - 2012 Nissan SERENA Hybrid
  • Nov 2021
    An ideal car if you have a big family or your family is expanding . The spce in the vehicle is amazing. Makes the drive so much more comfortable.
    —Waimarie J - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Nov 2021
    So roomy and comfortable to drive. Great for a growing family! I managed to change the computer from Japanese to English using a youtube hack as well!
    —David C - 2012 Nissan Serena RIDER
  • Nov 2021
    Great space Very comfortable.
    —Justin S - 2012 Nissan Serena HIGHWAY STAR S HYBRID
  • Oct 2021
    We are loving the purchase! I shopped around a lot and test drive many cars. In the end ticked all the boxes.
    —Cherie B - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Oct 2021
    It's exactly what I need for my family. Space, flexibility in seating arrangements, safety, reliability, economic.
    —Helen W - 2012 Nissan SERENA HIGHWAY STAR
  • Sep 2021
    Nice vehicle, classy 👌
    —Wayne S - 2012 Nissan Serena HIGHWAY STAR V SMART
  • Sep 2021
    Love this car. It has everything I wanted in a family car. Its jus a bit sluggish driving uphill, but other than that, Very good car.
    —Eduardo B - 2012 Nissan Serena
  • Aug 2021
    Good car very economical from chch to Westport used 20l of petrol
    —Rick F - 2012 Nissan Serena
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