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  • Jul 2022
    Great for family
    —Shane T - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Feb 2022
    Great family vehicle
    —Kotamai W - 2009 Mazda MPV
  • Jan 2022
    Surprisingly roomy and comfortable for our family of 5 (older kids/teens). Fuel consumption has been great so far both around town and on the open road, and plenty of room for our gear.
    —Joanna B - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T Facelift Leather Package
  • Dec 2021
    I love my MPV, comfy , nice to drive and is spacious, great car if you have kids 😊
    —Jamie H - 2009 Mazda MPV
  • Aug 2021
    Love it.
    —Sharelle T - 2009 Mazda Mpv
  • Mar 2021
    So far so good. Love how much space there is More powerful than I thought it would be. Overall good car. Well suited for a big family
    —RICHARD B - 2009 MAZDA Mpv
  • Jan 2021
    My previous mpv was very economical and had plenty of space which I needed for my family, my current Mpv provides the same thing as you would expect. The back seats are suited more for little children. From Auckland to Rotorua. $120 to fill up from absolute E and tank was just under half as we reached Rotorua.
    —Jennifer M - 2009 Mazda MPV
  • Jul 2020
    Runs and drives really well.
    —Vincent B - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jun 2020
    Lots of space for a large family or for older people to transport your moko around in . Plenty of space for your shopping bags or luggage. Smooth ride. Easy to park and for a 8 seater it feels like you are driving a much smaller vehicle. A nice bit of power also.
    —Aileen P - 2009 Mazda MPV 2.3T 8 SEATER
  • Jun 2020
    Love the space. Tidy on the inside and the out. Easy to clip kids into carseats. Perfect "mum" vehicle to drive the family around. Love the electric back doors - perfect when parking in town cause kids don't push open doors into cars beside vehicle when parked. The power is brilliant too - reaches 100km very quickly (perfect for passing vehicles quickly). Very smooth drive. Also love the aircon in the back of the vehicle too.
    —Jade N - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Mar 2020
    Very comfy ride but fuel consumption was a bit of issue.
    —John M - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jan 2020
    Really nice vehicle. Looks good and plenty of room
    —Benjamin F - 2009 Mazda MPV
  • Sep 2019
    Reverse & parking cameras, wing mirrors retract when engine is turned off! Right wing mirror adjusts while reversing. Radio volume on steering wheel, electric adjustable drivers seat, luxury leather apholstery, heated front seats & fully adjustable rear Seats allows for more storage & seating options. Great modern body shape with functional interior & front console Electric tailgate & sliding side doors and best of all good fuel economy & handling on the open road.
    —Marc A - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T Facelift Leather Package
  • Jul 2019
    Everything is fine with the vehicle
    —Jason B - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T Turbo 'Facelift Model'
  • Feb 2019
    Great Car
    —Ruth D - 2009 Mazda Mpv 23T Utility Package
  • Feb 2019
    Amazing very practical vehicle great for the family (coming from a appearance conscious car person I’m totally converted to this kind of people mover !) I wonder why I waited so long to get one! Very economical and affordable family car .
    —Melissa S - 2009 Mazda MPV
  • Jan 2019
    It's a very good people mover
    —Kolinio T - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Dec 2018
    We really wanted a mpv for the space as we have 6 people in our family so space in the car for everyone and our things was important
    —Aasoa M - 2009 Mazda MPV 23T 8 SEATER
  • Dec 2018
    Radio/entertainment unit all in Japanese (though to be expected as imported). Good: Lots of room, auto-slide passenger doors, surprising torque on the open road, best looking people mover for class and price.
    —LOI L - 2009 Mazda MPV
  • Nov 2018
    Great vehicle
    —Tessa P - 2009 Mazda MPV
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